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# Apology
National Geographic admits past coverage was racist
The magazine used to portray brown-skinned tribesmen as unsophisticated and unintelligent.
# thanks for the music
'A truly sad day': NME to close print edition after 66 years
The magazine became free in September 2015, after years of declining sales.
# crossover appeal
In pictures: The world's most spectacular bridges
They serve a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be easy on the eyes too.
# Samantha Barry
Irish journalist named new editor of Glamour magazine
“I could not be more proud to take the reins of an iconic women’s brand at this pivotal moment for all women’s voices.”
# High Court
Journalist John Waters to sue The Phoenix magazine
The writer launched High Court proceedings against the satirical magazine last week.
# new ownership
After 50 years, Rolling Stone magazine is up for sale
Rolling Stone last year sold a 49% stake to a Singaporean music start-up.
# 40 under 40
Leo Varadkar makes Fortune's 40 under 40 list
Varadkar came in at number five on the list.
# Duchess of Cambridge
Cover girl: Kate Middleton appears on the front of Vogue magazine
It’s to mark 100 years of British Vogue.
# w Sieci
Outrage over Polish magazine cover depicting the "Islamic Rape of Europe"
The picture has been compared to Nazi propaganda.
# Valentine's Day
A man proposed to his girlfriend on the cover of today's Observer magazine
Playboy covering up nudes has nothing to do feminism and more to do with dwindling sales
This isn’t happening because of a shift in cultural attitudes towards sex; it is the result of a growth in online pornography, writes Lorraine Courtney.
# stories
35 Bill Cosby accusers speak out to New York Magazine
The women range in age from their early 20s to 80.
# Praise
Women's Running magazine praised for showing the sport's for everyone
Erica Jean Schenk is the cover star of the August issue.
# Kids Today
Here's why the internet can't stop talking about a magazine called Oh My Vlog
It’s exactly what it sounds like.
# Rolling Stone
Sinead O'Connor has some choice words for Kim Kardashian over this cover
# f*** off
Caroline Flack had the perfect comeback to a magazine that said she was pregnant
You go, Caroline.
# uganda be kidding me
Waterford Whispers just duped a Ugandan news magazine
# uganda be kidding me
Waterford Whispers just duped a Ugandan news magazine
# Australia
There was controversy over this breastfeeding magazine cover - but not why you think
The fact it’s just on the subscriber issue has led to some complaints.
# Stigma
German magazine prints cover with ink infused with HIV-positive blood
The blood has been pasteurised to neutralise the virus so it poses no threat.
# je suis charlie
More than 160 Irish retailers hoping to stock Charlie Hebdo
Eason in Carlow isn’t one of them, despite what they said earlier today.
# Sold Out
Charlie Hebdo issue offered on eBay for thousands of euros
It has announced that any sales commissions will be handed over.
# charliehebdo
Everyone is sharing the New Yorker's wonderful cover tribute to Charlie Hebdo
The striking illustration will be the cover of the January 19 edition.
# paris killings
Charlie Hebdo's history of lampooning Islamic extremism (and religion as a whole)
The magazine has been attacked before.
# top tip
13 hilariously awful life tips found in magazines
Good advice! Not.
# science boffins
TIME names Cork award-winners among most influential teens of 2014
Emer Hickey, Sophie Healy-Thow and Ciara Judge have won a heap of awards for their science discoveries.
# alternative reality
Remember when Alan Shatter appeared on the cover of Time?
If you lived in or around Dundrum in 2009 you may have received a copy…
# prancercise
WHAT is going on with this Roger Federer magazine cover?
Something very strange.
# maeve's house
Is this woman the best Irish writer you've never heard of?
Maeve Brennan wrote incredible short stories and essays. A new play explores her work and legacy.
Court says bombers not protected as a journalistic source
A group claiming responsibility for bomb attacks in the Netherlands sent a letter to a magazine – and the publication’s offices were subsequently searched.
Teachers taking up JobBridge scheme in the bad books with the union
The INTO has directed its members not to participate in the scheme.
# Reading List
Mike Tyson, handball, and the story behind Ireland's newest sports magazine
Two “handball nerds” are working to give one of the GAA’s original sports the coverage that it deserves.
# oh nuts
Nuts magazine set to close down
Nuts accounted for more than 50 per cent of all men’s magazines sold in the UK at one stage.
# pox
The Hollywood Reporter speaks our language when it comes to U2
# Drug Problems
Drug addicts sell 10,000 copies of Denmark's Illegal! magazine
Being a magazine vendor is, according to the owners, the “best alternative to (giving fellatio) on the street”.
# Privacy
French actress sues Closer magazine over reported affair with Hollande
Julie Gayet is seeking €50,000 in damages for the report. If she wins, Closer will have to publish the legal verdict on its cover page.
# Power
And the Forbes world's most powerful person is...
It’s a man who is known to take his top off when hunting and fishing and has caused controversy this year with anti-gay laws.
Ryanair hits back at survey that says it has the worst customer service
The low-cost airline tweeted a tongue in cheek response, saying Which magazine ‘hasn’t got a clue’.
# Tourism
Ireland has been voted the number four 'dream destination' for US tourists
We moved up five places since last year in a luxury travel magazine survey, beating France, South Africa and England.
# Oops
Forbes journalist apologises for mistakenly saying Michael D Higgins is gay
The journalist has described it as “the worst error” he has ever made.