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13 hilariously awful life tips found in magazines

Good advice! Not.

TOP TIP: DON’T follow these tips.

1. Ladies, gently stab your man with a fork.

He’ll love it.

2. “The sugary texture of your tongue will add an interesting new dimension.”

3. Burn him with piping hot candle wax!

cosmo Source: Reddit

4. Don’t have a hair tie? Use a thong.

thonghairtie Source: Jezebel

*shakes head*

5. They “look cool”, do they?

6. Flirt with your man by accusing his Dad of coming on to you.

cosmo2 Source: unkamatt/Tumblr

7. “Elegant” might be stretching it.

8. Very cool look.

cosmo3 Source: Reddit

Such chic, such fashion.

9. Well, if he says it.

blogger-image-1629486308 Source: heroofswitzerland.com

*stuffs €3 Penneys necklace in toilet roll, forgets about it immediately*

10. Nope.

blogger-image--2085041649 Source: heroofswitzerland

11. Just some normal dinner chat.

cosmo sex tip 3 Source: dontpaniconline

Couldn’t be construed as mildly threatening/aggressive at all.

12. Here lads, don’t be donating to those pesky charities.

blogger-image--964055778 Source: heroofswitzerland

Just keep the collection bag for yourself and you’ll come out of the situation looking real good. 

13. Finally, we don’t even know what to say about this.

TT197 Source: heroofswitzerland

We’ll take your word for it, Davina.

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