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Man jailed after attempted bank robbery on closed branch

German man sentenced for seven years after attempting to rob a bank that hadn’t actually been a bank for, oh, 17 years…

Image: Alex E. Proimos via Creative Commons

A GERMAN MAN has been sentenced to seven years in prison after attempting to rob a bank branch that had been closed for 17 years and is now a physiotherapist’s practice.

The 57-year-old grabbed a woman who was passing by the building and forced her into the offices at gunpoint, where he demanded a €10,000 ransom, according to Der Bild.

However, discovering to his disappointment that this was not actually a bank, he then forced a woman to withdraw €400 from a nearby ATM and hand the money over to him, according to the Local.

Police recovered a toy gun from the scene with his fingerprints on it, leading to his arrest.

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