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Here's why Twitter is raging against Matt Damon and accusing him of 'mansplaining'

Oh Matt.

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MATT DAMON HAS been left redfaced after a clip of him explaining diversity in Hollywood to an African-American filmmaker went viral.

Oh brother.

The clip in question was taken from a HBO reality show called Project Greenlight, a programme which sees first-time filmmakers compete to be given the chance to direct a film.

Damon both produces and serves as a judge on the show. (Alongside his frequent collaborator Ben Affleck, natch.)

In the season premiere, the judging panel were discussing one of the films when African-American film producer Effie Brown pointed out that the only black person in the entire movie was a prostitute.

I just want to bring up something. I just would want to urge people to think about whoever this director is, the way they’re going to treat the character of Harmony. [...] The only black person being a woman who gets hit by her white pimp.

She went on to urge the judging panel to carefully consider who they assigned to direct the project in order to ensure that the black character was done right by.

At this point, Matt Damon interrupted Brown and seemed to explain the concept of diversity to her.

Bring on the cringe.

When we’re talking about diversity… you do it in the casting of the film. Not in the casting of the show.

In other words, Damon believes that it’s enough to feature characters of colour in a film, but doesn’t necessarily believe it’s necessary for filmmakers of colour to tell their story.


tumblr_nuoon1Tcwj1r83d7lo6_500 Source: Mic

Brown then made the point that a filmmaker of colour might bring a new perspective to the project.

Later in the show, Damon can be heard saying, “I’m glad Effie flagged the issue of diversity for all of us, because filmmaking should throw a broader net and it’s high time for that change.”

However, he stated that the competition was about giving a filmmaker the job “based entirely on merit” as opposed to race.

Damon’s comments have elicited quite the reaction online.

The whole thing has even inspired its own hashtag — #DamonSplaining.

Damon has yet to address the controversy, but Brown acknowledged it on Twitter last night.

Oof, indeed.

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