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Meet the only man in Ireland who loves getting scam emails

Illustrator Alan Dunne asks his friends to send him on their funniest spam scam emails – so that he can make wry and funny works of art from their stories.

ILLUSTRATOR ALAN DUNNE is unusual among email users – in that he pays attention to the scam spam he gets into his inbox.

From “stories of dying millionaire philanthropists looking for me to inherit their millions to continue their legacy, or tales of dethroned dignitaries itching to lodge large sums of money to me for safe keeping”, Dunne takes these “impressive tales of deception” and turns them into wonderfully wry illustrations.

In one such illustration from his ‘Spam Series’ – available to view on his Flickr account or at AlanDunne.ie – Dunne conjures up the tale of Alena, a lonely 30-year-old Russian lady appealing for love with someone who can help her get over her disappointment with Russian men… (see this and others in the slideshow below).

He told TheJournal.ie:

The spam email illustrations are really fun to do. I reckon I must be the only person who tells people to forward on their spam!

(All images © Alan Dunne)

Meet the only man in Ireland who loves getting scam emails
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  • Spam Emails: Alena - Lonely in Russia

    Inspired by this email: "Subject: Sweet greetings from Alena My name is Alena. I am from Russia. I am 30 years. I wish to explain where I have taken your e-mail address. My girlfriend has got acquainted with the man by means of one site. That the man has told, that there is a man which wants too will get acquainted with the Russian woman..."
  • Spam Emails: Scott John - CEO, Brisko Textiles & Fabrics

    Inspired by this email: "C/o Mr Scott John CEO of Brisko Textiles & Fabrics JOB OPPORTUNITY Good day to you, My name is Scott John, CEO of Brisko Textiles & Fabrics , an establishment that deals in the Import and export of Cocoa butter cream,Rubber,Cotton and textiles and fabric materials.... Unfortunately we are unable to open Bank accounts in Ireland Dublin, United State Of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia..."
  • Spam Emails: Valentin and His Blind Mother

    Inspired by this email: "From: “Valentin” Subject: Letter to Ireland Hello, My name is Valentin, I am a student and I write you from little Russian city. I found several addresses on Internet and I decided to send you this letter. Our local library give free Internet access for students. I live with my mother, she cannot see since many years and I take care of her. My father left our family when I was a child. I work very hard every day, but because of deep financial crisis my salary is very little..."
  • Spam Emails: Gracie Smith has everything arranged

    Inspired by this email: "Good Day, I’m very sorry to bother you with my E-mail. But I want you to understand that I truly need your assistance to this great offer I’m offering you from the source of my mind. Before anything I want touse this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Grace Smith, I am 22 years old from London England, where I school and work as a tailor. I am the only daughter of my parents. My father died on a fatal motor accident on the 6th March 2001, on his way to see my sick mother at hospital where she was admitted for Cancer treatments, she also gave up when she heard about the news of the death of my father in same day and hospital where she was (Kings Hospital here in the United Kingdom), may their gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Before the death of my father, he had willed part of his Real Estate and the total amounts of £50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million Pounds Sterling) to me..."

To read the full emails – and to see other illustrations from Alan Dunne’s Spam Series which, he tells us, he draws mostly for his own amusement, click here.

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