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11 epic milkshakes you have to try in Dublin


DUBLIN ISN’T KNOWN for its milkshakes, but you can still get a whopper one if you know where to look.

1. The Banoffee Milkshake, Cleaver East


12046923_1029714487080001_1412608425602903441_n Source: CLEAVEREAST

2. The Cornflake Milkshake, Pichet

The perfect solution to any brunch question.

CC8oQwyWMAA0Tq_ Source: hollydalton17

3. Bubblegum, Sweet Republic

It is simply not an option to choose from these gorgeous-looking shakes, but alas, we must. The Bachelor’s Walk cafe sells some of the fanciest in the city. This bubblegum treat is the place to start.

So this finally happened today Source: bbegurl

4. This Nutella Epic, Sweet Republic

Ideally, this whole list would be Sweet Republic, but we’ve slimmed it down to these two.

Holy Mother of Mary Source: bowfabulous

5. The Nutty Professor, Shake Shop, Dundrum

Reeces pieces, peanut MnMs and some Crunchie on top. STOP.

My first shake shop experience, went for the full whammy! #shakeshop #kinderbueno #malteaser #crunchie #yum #food #ohmylordimsofull @neadybird Source: nibsybybibsy

6. Cake Shake, Scrumdiddly’s, Dun Laoghaire

This ice cream parlour regularly has massive queues outside, and they do a beastly chocolate cake milkshake too.

Cake Shake! #foodporn #scrumdiddlys #donabate Source: scrumdiddlysworld

7. The Mocha Shake, Coco Bó

This place is chocolate heaven so we should have known they’d do a savage milkshake.

Hot Chocolate date with @sheenasiorai #Chocolate #99 #Date #Omnomnom #CocoBo #VSCOcam Source: emilynomates

8. The Oreo Milkshake, Eddie Rockets

These milkshakes are massive and simply delicious with a burger. We picked the oreo because you get a little oreo on top. Perfect.

#eddierockets #eddies #cute #date #oreomilkshake #dcuheads #town #fridaybants Source: cherryblue95

9. The Pina Colada, Gino’s Gelato

Sure, you can get Pina Coladas in any old kip, but Gino’s best-Gelato-in-Dublin blended into a thick milkshake is the kind of experience you’ll never forget.

Piña colada time Source: alfredodona

10. Thin Mint, The Counter

This boozy shake contains a chocolate base, with baileys cream and mint liqueur. Get in our bellies.

Adult milkshakes with @sandood_ Source: rksteg

11. Cotton Candy Shake, Baskin Robbins’

You’ll have to go to Parnell Street and into Cineworld to get your hands on one of these but it will be so worth it, we promise.

4833934bee9112320b465f68a0371bdb Source: Pinterest

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