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# Mobile Phones

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# Mobile Phones
New legislation to allow gardaí demand passwords for devices when carrying out search warrant
The overhaul of how gardaí operate includes a new power for gardaí to request passwords or encryption keys.
Money Diaries: A charity shop manager in the south of the country trying to make ends meet
This week, our reader is a charity shop manager receiving the Covid payment while lockdown continues.
# Homelessness
'Post-Covid we'll go back to where we were': More than 60% of properties still cost more than HAP limits
Homeless numbers are down but Simon Communities says the full impact of the pandemic will only be seen when restrictions are lifted permanently.
# choice cuts
Meat Industry Ireland says 3,000 workers have been laid off because of 'illegal blockades'
The beef dispute is showing no signs of conclusion.
# Mobile Phones
Supreme Court agrees to hear 'leapfrog appeal' in Graham Dwyer case
The Supreme Court said that the case “raises complex and novel questions of constitutional and EU law”.
# screen time
Children who own mobile phones at younger age perform worse in reading and maths tests
New research has found that four in 10 children in Ireland own a mobile phone by the age of nine.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you use your phone while driving?
The penalties for this have got tougher in recent years.
# Vodafone Ireland
Vodafone apologises for sending people 'smashed' pictures of themselves as marketing tactic
The picture frames were sent to a number of journalists as part of a campaign.
# no calls go
Mobile coverage on Eir back to normal after daytime outage
Customers had taken to social media to complain about the length of eir’s outage today.
# phone use
Parents and students are being asked for their say on the use of smartphones in schools
Age restrictions, the use of phones in the classroom, and the taking of photos in school are just some of the issues being consulted on.
# noughties
16 awkward photos of celebrities at mobile phone launches in the noughties
From Samantha and Bono to Bob Geldof. Nobody was above posing with a flip phone.
# Tribunal
Only three of 15 senior garda phones handed over to Disclosures Tribunal
The phones were used by former Garda Commissioners Martin Callinan and Nóirín O’Sullivan, along with Superintendent David Taylor.
# Snow Patrol
Motorists warned to take extreme care as temperatures may dip to minus 8 degrees
A number of weather warning have been issued by Met Éireann.
# Contraband
An average of 12 phones are seized in Irish prisons every week
The figure is up on last year, but way down on 2008 when about 42-a -week were seized.
# Location
Mobile phones will soon text your exact location to emergency services when you dial 999
A pilot scheme is currently underway with three major mobile networks.
# New Study
Wide awake: Late-night phone use harms teenagers' mental health and sleep quality
Late-night mobile phone usage led to poorer mental health, reduced coping and lowered self-esteem.
'The shop was too reliant on me. If I was away, people would come but wouldn't buy anything'
After being let go three times in two years, this former phone shop owner is back running his own business.
# Oops
Some of Three's customers wrongly told they've spent hundreds on internet services
The phone service provider said the messages were sent in error and the issue has been resolved.
# Road Safety
Almost half of Irish drivers back phone-blocking technology in cars
Many motorists would prefer to block mobile phones in cars rather than see a hike in penalties.
# garda warning
The most dangerous time for mobile phone theft is between 10pm and 4am at weekends
Gardaí are boosting patrols in danger areas as part of a new campaign.
# On a cellular level
Vodafone says full service will resume over next few hours
Some customers are experiencing technical issues with the network today.
# nooookia
9 intense struggles only those who owned a Nokia 3210 will understand
Your first phone was the best phone.
# pride of finland
After its dramatic fall from the top of the mobile world, Nokia is planning a comeback
You will start seeing the Nokia name on phones once more.
# Penalty Points
Gardaí planning huge crackdown on drivers using mobile phones
More than 28,000 people were caught using their phone while driving last year.
# dawn raids
20 homes searched in Limerick city in massive garda operation
Gardaí recovered mobile phones and laptops during the search operation.
# can't stand up now
Man arrested at a Libertines gig with 38 mobile phones stuffed down his trousers
His pants were taped shut.
# no service
Call for Vodafone, Three and Meteor to be questioned over mobile coverage
Labour TD Michael McNamara’s comments have been rejected by the Irish Cellular Industry Association, an alliance of mobile operators.
# network down
Three says service is "fully restored" after customers flood social media after outage
The network is down for customers across the country.
# Numero uno
Denis O'Brien is selling about €2 billion of his company - but he gets to stay boss
It’s all looking up for DOB.
# we're all watching
Poll: Is it ever okay to record a video of a crime taking place?
It’s happening more and more.
# say my name
First UPC, now Eircom's unloved brand could be on the way out
It’s all change in the phone and internet biz.
# put the phone down
Benedict Cumberbatch wants people to stop filming Hamlet because it's 'mortifying'
“Hashtag the s**t out of this one for me.”
# hand to god
The world's stupidest man has revealed himself
Get off the stage, sweetheart.
# Happy Holidays
EU roaming charges: here's what you'll be paying for texts and calls next year
And we won’t have to worry about extra charges in two years’ time.
# hooked up
Two of Ireland's biggest phone and internet players want to get together
UPC parent Liberty Global and Vodafone are looking at doing a deal.
# k
11 things all bad texters want you to know
It’s tricky to be this lazy.
# Contraband
Over 90 mobile phones were seized in Irish prisons in six weeks
Nearly half of those were in Mountjoy Prison.
# three figures
O2 has now gone for good from Ireland - so what's the deal for all its customers?
Three bought the company last year and is now Ireland’s second-biggest mobile player.
Study claims that being away from your iPhone could be making you stupid
* Shifty eyes*
Sick of constant charging? This phone's battery lasts for a MONTH
It costs just €24.