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This woman wrote a book featuring all the morto messages she’s been sent on OK Cupid

And there were LOADS.

lauren2 Source: theyreallysaidthis

LAUREN URASEK IS a New York-based blogger who last year was named as the most popular woman on OK Cupid in the US.

On average, she was receiving more than 35 messages a day on the dating site. She was getting so many that she set up a Tumblr to document all the ludicrous things she was sent – and called it They Really Said This.

She’s now turned the ludicrous messages collected into a book

realmessage Source: theyreallysaidthis

And her comebacks are often better than the messages.

Some of them try so hard

henri Source: theyreallysaidthis

The book is simply titled ‘Popular’ and documents the best and worst of receiving that many messages

popular Source: theyreallysaidthis

She gets some odd enough questions

poplar Source: theyreallysaidthis

lauren22 Source: Facebook

And interesting characters like this guy

wolf Source: theyreallysaidthis

But sometimes, in amongst all the morto introductions, there are some shining lights

etchyou Source: theyreallysaidthis

As she said on her blog, “I enjoyed that.”

There’s always room for knock knock jokes.

hat-tip Buzzfeed

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