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21 of the most Dublin things that ever happened
Welcome to the fair city.

1. The time there was a topless photoshoot, and Bike Girl became a national hero


2. The time this Phil Lynott sign was horribly, horribly wrong

Imgur Imgur

3. The time this was offered as a desirable rental property

4. The time there was a traffic jam because people lined up behind a parked car

Imgur Imgur

5. The time our foremost academic institution commissioned a new sculpture that looks exactly like a giant butt plug

Context here.

6. The Saturday morning when this pub sign existed

Imgur Imgur

7. The time a Spar had to print this warning

Imgur Imgur

8. The time a taxi driver just hopped out of his car for an epic Get Lucky dance-off

Full video here.

9. The time someone took some important luggage on Dublin Bus

Imgur Imgur

10. The time this woman had a small and wonderful act of kindness

11. The time this sign welcomed sailors to port in the most Dublin way possible

12. The time CIE’s admirable equal opportunities policy came into play

Imgur Imgur

13. The time Dublin Zoo had the right priorities

Imgur Imgur

14. The time this immortal graffiti meme began

Dúnmasc Genetics Dúnmasc Genetics

15. The time someone held up an entire Luas to visit a sex shop

Imgur Imgur

16. The time there was an impromptu trad session on the Nitelink, because Nitelink

Shaun Nugent / YouTube

17. The time the city developed its own beautiful street art in the vernacular style

Imgur Imgur

18. The time this journey was necessary

Imgur Imgur

19. The time a rainy day became a scene of magic and wonder

Imgur Imgur

20. The time someone spotted this literally-no-other-city-in-the-world graffiti

Imgur Imgur

21. And the Ballad of Copper Face Jacks.

Michael Konstantin / YouTube

Ah, Dublin.

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