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11 things that definitely should feature in the new Angelus

Doooong. Doooong.

angelus2 Source: YouTube

NEWS BROKE LAST night that RTÉ has revamped the Angelus with a series of one minute broadcasts at 6pm – including submissions from the public.

So, gone forever is the staring into space we’re used to just before the Six One.

On the back of this seismic news, Spin 1038′s Fully Charged show this morning had an important question for Irish people:

And some of the suggestions were top notch. The Angelus needs the following things:

1. The man who slipped on ice on the RTÉ News – he’s a national hero

tumblr_ml4bk6PZwU1rvsirlo1_400 Source: Tumblr

What better way to contemplate life at 6pm than remembering that everyone is just one slippy path away from a bit of a fall.

2. The Riverdance lads


Sure it’s a bonafide global success story. What an inspiration they would be.

3. Somebody eating a warm chicken fillet roll on a cold winter’s morning


Change the setting as per the season. However, a chicken fillet roll should feature as a point of principle.

4. This suggestion needs to be implemented immediately

Dooooong. Doooong.

Paul O'Connell Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

5. Bike girl

bikegirl Source: VIPIreland.com

Another national hero that deserves some recognition on the new Angelus. We’ve all been there. It would bring the country together.

6. A clip from Reeling in the Years showing any triumphant Irish sporting moment

insertreeling Source: YouTube

A 6pm boost of pride.

7. Tin whistle girl from the Rugby World Cup

poxy Source: @robbie_eccles via Cormac Hughes

Is there anything more Irish? She brought us together at a time of true hardship.

8. A kid enjoying a bag of Meanies

Meanies_HP Source: Robt-roberts

Contemplating the unique flavour. Contemplating life.

9. A clip of Hozier being pure sound

Want to get more people into the Angelus? Soundness + Hozier will do the trick.

10. A full one minute video of somebody waiting for public transport with a frustrated look on their face

img_1261 Source: Wordpress

REAL LIFE on screen. It shows that patience is a virtue and you could be the person interminably waiting.

11. And finally… random clips of the Late Late Toy Show to remind us that it’s not always so bad

tubridy11 Source: RTE

A necessary tonic.

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