12 things anyone who has ever been out in Dundalk will understand

Welcome to fun-dalk.

IF YOU’VE EVER been out in Dundalk you’ll know…

1. You know it’s full of students during the week

With DkIT a stones throw, they’ve nothing better to be doing than hitting the booze.

Source: Facebook

2. Good nights start off in The Phoenix

You notice something new every time you’re in there.

Source: Facebook

3. And end up in Brubakers

If you haven’t had your photo taken by the photographer in Brubakers, were you ever even out in Dundalk?

4. You’ve definitely got lost in the Spirit Store at some point

But you know that this is the best bar to go to get served.

Source: Dundalk

5. Ridleys is the only place to be on a Mondays, and you definitely saw a Z-List reality TV or soap star there

You might have even taken a photo with em.

Source: ridleysniteclub.dundalk

6. While Courtneys is yer man for a quiet one on Sundays

And by quiet one, we mean dancing off the hangover to whatever band happens to be playing.

Source: Fcebook

7. The Garden was the best craic in the town

Even if you didn’t smoke.


8. You’ll definitely spot some lad in a Dundalk jersey in Parkes

Or, y’know, hundreds. Don’t forget the hens. So many hens.

9. Brubakers pizza and pint deal on a Wednesday is worth heading out for

The perfect soakage.

Source: Facebook

10. You’re almost guaranteed to spot a fight outside The Roma over any given weekend

Source: Google Maps

11. But the lane beside the Mizzoni by Ridley’s is where all the best shifting happens

You’ve been down there, admit it.

Source: Google maps

12. And finally, you know that no night is complete without curry chips from Europa

Source: Tripadvisor

With the walk sobering you on the way.

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