A size 24 fashion blogger is the new face of Nike

Callie Thorpe wants to promote inclusivity within the wellness industry.

IF YOU’VE NEVER heard of Callie Thorpe before, prepare to be educated.

Callie is a Welsh fashion blogger. She’s signed by MILK Model Management, featured in Vogue and just finished up shooting a fashion campaign for SimplyBe.

… And now she’s working with Nike for a very important reason.

Today I want to talk about the lack of representation in so called ‘wellness’ or ‘wellbeing’ movements. Bigger bodies are often ridiculed for being lazy and greedy and yet they are also bullied and mistreated when they do try to explore exercise.
The truth is anyone that doesn’t have the perfect fitness proportions are completely ignored from any conversations about exercise or sport. Instead it is the same type of bodies on the covers of fitness magazines or amongst the hashtags on Instagram.”

Thorpe will be working with Nike on a long-term project, trialling their plus size active and lifestyle collections.

She’s proven herself to be a leading voice in the fight for inclusivity in a famously fickle industry. After her Vogue feature, Thorpe was faced with a tide of negative comments. As a result, she was invited to appear on the national news to speak about the effects of online trolling, and into Vogue House to meet the team of editors.

People may or may not agree with me being included in the Miss Vogue piece and continue trolling me over it, but I will not stop speaking out.
Representation matters, and for women who feel their body types are never represented in the media, my image appearing on the Vogue website meant something. Cruel people on the internet may not get it, but I want to hope that more people will do now than they did before.”

*endless applause emojis*

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