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10 essential facts of life for people with a Northern Irish accent abroad

“Would you please repeat the word sit-che-ay-shun for my listening pleasure?”

1. You’re quickly made aware that yours is the hardest Irish accent of all to understand

rs_560x457-150401091216-jamiedornan Source: Eonline

“What… are you saying?”

2. Nearly every single person you meet thinks you’re Scottish

tumblr_lmtyz7Y25w1qfvul4o1_500 Source: Tumblr

3. And they think the films Braveheart and Brave were based on your childhood

Baby-Merida-Brave Source: Teen


4. Even technology abroad can’t get a handle on the Northern brogue

You can’t change it.

5. But there are some words people will ask you to repeat over and over again like a performing accent seal

tumblr_inline_n6533m8K0G1riwekh Source: Tumblr

Once they hear that Nordie accent, a few of the usual suspects will be wheeled out too:

  • Situation
  • Now
  • Hauld

6. When you meet another Northern person your accent becomes that bit stronger

9r8pXJ Source: Timeincuk

7. And you start speaking at about twice the normal speed because you know they can handle it


“What ’bout ye?”

8. Even if you’re only away for a short while, people back home will immediately claim you’ve “lost the accent”

tumblr_static_7 Source: Tumblr

9. Other Irish people abroad say they’re jealous of your twang because it’s just that little more exotic

love5 Source: Irish News

The pressure of having the most popular accent isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened.

10. And finally… you’ll catch yourself saying words like “wain” and forgetting that nobody else knows what you’re on about

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

“What does wayne mean?”

“Never mind, actually.”

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