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12 of the most confusing things spotted on Ireland's roads

How bizarre, how bizarre.

THE POOR AA roadwatch just can’t avoid some things. After the minion debacle of yesterday, we look back on some of the other traffic stoppers around the country.

1. A camel

A camel was spotted roaming around Tallaght last year and everyone was all WTF until we realised there was a circus in the area. Well that solves it… now to deal with the stray camel.


2. This swan in Galway

Not so much that it’s a swan, but that it’s blocking the road like it owns the place. Absolute scenes.

3. This one on the Samuel Beckett Bridge

Source: DailyEdge.ie/YouTube

4. These lads on O’Connell Street

They ARE traffic cones, in fairness.

fAKj6Nf Source: Imgur via thischarmingman

5. This bizarre dummy in Nutgrove

No dummy, we do not want your wares.

terrifying-advertisingk-516x500 Source: aidan hanratty

6. Oh, just a toilet on the Douglas roundabout in Cork

7. This lad dancing on the Naas Road junction

Source: Broadsheet Ie/YouTube

8. This innovative way to shield from the drizzle

At least he didn’t forget the milk.

By9AsP9IIAE44LT Source: MissJBrowne

9. This teddy, just getting a casual lift

RyFKwdO Source: Imgur

10. This genius

WLO2L97 Source: Imgur

11. This odd but factual road sign

5nNviOY Source: Imgur

12. And finally, this reg plate

UBi54su Source: Imgur

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