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# Om nom nom
Quiz: Do you know how many calories are in food?
Mmmmm. Food.
# Om nom nom
Watch this baby squirrel fill its tiny tummy with milk until it bulges
We know how you feel, guy. We know.
# Om nom nom
This gluttonous hamster is your Easter weekend spirit animal
So. Much. Food. In. Mouth.
# posh nosh
Here's what's on the menu at tonight's gala dinner for President Higgins
It’s making us hungry.
# overindulgence
Don't feed Christmas dinner to your pets, animal owners warned
Ignore those puppy dog eyes.
# Om nom nom
Japanese man stole $185k to feed his cats a luxury diet of fresh fish and chicken
No cheap can food for these felines.
# not just taco fries
18 Irish delicacies you must try before you die
How many have you consumed?
# Om nom nom
More people cooking meals from scratch since recession kicked in
More than half of Irish people say they have a high level of confidence in their own cooking abilities.
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Is eating dinner on your own good or bad?
It’s either the best thing in the world, or a total letdown.
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Pics: Here's what's on the menu at the US Open tennis this year
It’s a step-up from a bag of Tayto and polystyrene cup of Bovril.
# Om nom nom
Underwater sinkhole suddenly swallows a dozen trees
Damn nature, you scary.
# Om nom nom
VIDEO: Bear steals whole dumpster full of leftover food
One wheelie bin to go, please.
# Against the odds
These bizarre food combinations will blow your MIND
Ever thought about putting cream cheese with jam? You’ve been missing out.
# bruno
Hilarious graphic shows dog that gnawed through police car tyres
Bruno the dog: hero of civil disobedience.
# Om nom nom
Here's Commander Hadfield's first Earth meal after months in space
“The smell is like an old friend.” Can you guess what he went for?
# Om nom nom
UN: People need to get their heads around eating insects
Mmmmm. Stir-fried beetles.
# Just Stop it
10 of the most annoying internet phrases known to man
From ‘om nom nom’ to ‘woot’. We really have to stop.
# Om nom nom
Happy 4th July: here’s a slideshow of US presidents stuffing their faces
Barack Obama loves ice cream, and George Bush is a divil for ribs…
# Om nom nom
Texas strips death row inmates of 'last meal' privilege
Inmates awaiting execution in Texas will no longer be allowed to choose their final meal, after complaints about a hefty request.