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Only a joke, like: Royal wedding 'gypsy' spoof taken off the shelves
Tesco has taken the spoof of the recent royal wedding off its shelves after complaints of racism from the travelling community.

A BOOK THAT imagines the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the style of the hit TV show “Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” has been taken off the shelves following complaints.

Will and Kate’s Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: Photos from Our Big Day, Like was removed from the shelves of supermarket giant Tesco after complaints that its humour is offensive, even racist, towards the Roma community, The Guardian reports.

The book plays with photos of the royals, depicting Kate in a garish pink wedding dress, Prince Philip baring a tatoo and the Queen driving a horse and trap away from a crowd.

The book says its tells the story of “how Wills first ‘grabbed’ Kate at an Edinburgh fashion show: ‘I had to get my hands on that see-through dress!’” and contains other references to the royal family including Sarah Ferguson, covered in jewellery, being led away from Buckingham Palace by police.

It has so far sold over 3,000 copies.

However the Romany Women’s Union was not impressed, its President Josephine Smith telling Metro: “You just wouldn’t be able to get away with this with other communities.”

Consequently it has been removed by Tesco but the book remains available online at Amazon.

Publishers Simon & Schuster told The Bookseller it was “a fun and gently humorous book that was published to coincide with the success of the gypsy TV series and excitement and goodwill surrounding the Royal Wedding.”

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has been a huge success on Channel 4 in the UK, garnering its highest ratings in over three years.

But the show, which looks at the world of gypsies or travellers and their customs, has been criticised as a misrepresentation of the travelling community.