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16 *essential* moments from the Oscars you may have missed

Including even more John Travolta.

SURE, YOU’VE ALREADY read about the most memorable moments. But what about the others that flew under the radar?

They were legion.

1. The unspeakable tragedy of Naomi Watts and her publicist getting denied by E!

Source: Mike Morrison/Vine

2. This woman accidentally owning the red carpet


3. Jennifer Aniston grabbing an actual handful of Emma Stone’s arse

Source: ©Rollins-AA15/AFF-USA.COM

Source: ©Rollins-AA15/AFF-USA.COM

4. This totally unexplained woman behind Ethan Hawke

Who is she? Does she need help? Is she aware she’s on telly?

5. The moment Jared Leto proved that he is, indeed, a higher power

6. Alexa Chung describing the arrival of Lady Gaga, “wearing an egg or some shit”

Source: AP/Press Association Images

7. And Gaga not only bringing this older gentleman as her date, but wiping his face with her washing-up gloves

Source: Nicagboi21/Vine

8. Neil Patrick Harris’ Snowden joke going down like an absolute ton of bricks

Source: AP/Press Association Images

9. Wes Anderson having apparently only just learned how to clap the day before


10. This horrifying John Travolta face incident


*screams internally*

11. Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews having the most wonderful hug after Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute

Source: barbarastanwyck.tumblr.com

Source: barbarastanwyck.tumblr.com

12. Chris Pine having an actual weep after John Legend and Common’s performance of Glory

Source: TVine/Vine

13. The Rock admitting he cried at the Lion King…

Source: AP/Press Association Images

… and then being rightly called out.

14. Alejandro Inarritu telling the audience that “fear is the condom of life”

Source: Press Association/YouTube

15. Eddie Redmayne almost dropping his Oscar in sheer excitement

Source: Lauren/Vine

16. And Oprah actually legging it away from Lady Gaga on the red carpet

Source: JarettSays/Vine

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