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8 ways to take your pancakes to the next level

Pancakes for everyone!

TOMORROW IS PANCAKE Tuesday i.e. the most wonderful day of the year.

giff Source: CurveController/YouTube

Most of us will go one of two routes:

  1. Lemon, jam and generous helpings of sugar
  2. Loads of Nutella

But if you really want to up the ante and be a little adventurous this year, these recipes should more than do the trick. (And they’ll totally look well on Instagram.)

1. Pancakes served up with ice-cream

icecream Source: Flickr

Because what isn’t improved by a dollop of ice-cream?

(See here for recipe.)

2. Delicious bacon pancakes

bacon Source: Imgur

For those of you missing a sweet tooth.

(See here for recipe.)

3. These utterly divine-looking red velvet pancakes

pancakes Source: freshnessgf


(See here for recipe.)

4. Comforting apple cinnamon pancakes

appelcinnam Source: Julia's Album

It’s basically autumn in a pancake. Bonus trick: add vanilla extract to the pancake mixture.

(See here for recipe.)

5. These scrumptious and healthy pancakes

crepes Source: BBC Good Food

Want a healthy alternative to the usual jam-packed pancakes? Add fruit and nut butter to your pancakes and voilà. Go forth and be smug.

(See here for recipe.)

6. Chocolate chip, peanut butter and banana pancakes

bbc Source: BBC Good Food

A sprinkling of chocolate chips, sliced bananas and as much damned peanut butter as you can handle.

drool Source: shawndelaney/Tumblr

(See here for recipe.)

7. These drool-worthy raspberry pancakes

raspberry Source: Hedvigs/Flickr

Jam just doesn’t really compare, does it?

(See here for recipe.)

8. And finally, custard cream pancakes

Tesco Custard Cream Spread Source: Tesco

In honour of Pancake Tuesday, Tesco stores around Ireland are stocking jars of Custard Cream Spread.

We think that custard cream pancakes could either be really delicious or really grim, but there’s only one way to find out…

Happy Pancake!

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