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# Conservation
Panda conservation is worth billions of dollars a year
A new study looked at pandas and their reserves, and compared them in 1980 to today.
# Charging
Greyhound latest bin company to start charging customers for green bins
The charges have been blamed on China’s decision to stop accepting and processing recycling materials.
# green bins
Panda to charge customers for recycling in response to China's European plastic ban
The company said it will be charging 80 cents per lift and 4.5 cents per kilogramme.
# weighty issue
Poll: Should waste companies be charging extra for heavy bins without approval?
Greyhound this month started charging extra for bin bags over a certain weight, with Panda set to follow suit in July.
# Conservation
The giant panda is no longer endangered in China
Experts warned, however, that the good news for pandas could be short-lived.
# Take a Break
This panda REALLY doesn't want to share his food
# snowmen
Everyone is going mad trying to find the panda in this festive photo
Can you spot it?
# poaching
Ten arrested after wild panda bear killed and skinned
Police found two brothers had shot the animal in forest near Zhaotong, a poverty-stricken city in China’s Yunnan province.
# don't bin it
Recycling worker finds (and returns) €1,500 hidden in a shoe
Fair play Costica.
# shook
Stop! And watch this giant panda getting a bad fright off a squirrel
Well holy god.
# Your Say
Poll: What would you do if you found €3,000?
# sad panda
Edinburgh Zoo says its giant panda may have had a miscarriage
Tian Tian is now past her due date and the zoo has warned that it may be “bad news”.
# bear faced cheek
Live birth broadcast cancelled after panda fakes pregnancy to get more food
Ai Hin had her eye on an air conditioned room and around-the-clock care.
# bao bao
Panda loves her toy so much, she just wants to roll away with it
Just let us be!
# Panda Baby
Edinburgh Zoo’s panda is believed to be pregnant
Tian Tian might be having a baby.
# sleepy bear
Baby panda refuses to go to bed, cute explosion ensues
Reminds us of you right now.
# brown noser
This brown panda is one of only five in the world
Qizai is the only one in captivity.
# News Fix
Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
Today everyone’s talking about a shooting in Dublin and the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
# Dublin
Man found in Dublin waste truck identified
The body of the man, who was from Poland, was found at the waste recycling facility in Dublin yesterday morning.
# baby love
This mama panda cuddling her baby is almost lethally adorable
They had been apart since the cub’s birth a month ago.
# need to know
The Evening Fix... now with added man smells
Here’s what we loved, learned and shared today.
# Pandamonium
GALLERY: Edinburgh is invaded by giant pandas... kind of
The Scottish capital is hosting the semi-finals of a global competition to become an ambassador for panda conservation.
# pic of the day
Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls Pic of the Day
Watch out for icebergs!
# sad news
Week-old baby panda dies in US zoo
“We are brokenhearted to share that we have lost our little giant panda cub,” said the National Zoo in DC.
# Make a wish
Can you guess whose birthday cake this is?
Go on, give it a go….
# panda death
Oldest known male panda dies in Germany
Bao Bao was given as a gift by China to West Germany’s chancellor in 1978.
# pic of the day
Melancholic Panda Contemplates Life, Wonders About Birthday Cake
“Can a panda ever truly be free? And what is freedom but a human construct?”
# panda death
Baby panda dies of pneumonia at Tokyo zoo
Less than half of newborn pandas survive more than one week according to the zoo’s chief panda keeper.
# Rubbish
Increase in Dublin bin charges set to kick in from today
The waste collection companies say that the price rise is to cover the cost of the Government landfill levy.
# Fire
Suspicious fire at second Panda recycling facility
Several trucks were damaged in last night’s blaze, which is not thought to be related to the Slane plant fire last week.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Sunday
All the day’s main news, plus a few bits and pieces you may have missed along the way…
# Fire
Blaze at Panda plant extinguished after three days
Firefighters shut down their operation this morning after removing burning waste from the plant.
# Fire
Locals in Meath told to keep windows closed and stay indoors following Panda blaze
Fire at the recycling plant is continuing to burn, but is controlled.
# Fire
Fire crews battle blaze at recycling plant in Meath
The fire at the Panda recycling plant outside Slane broke out at around 11.30pm last night.
# Endangered Species
Picture of the day: China's retired NBA star Yao Ming... and a panda
What’s not to love about this giant of the hardwood giggling with a bear in his lap?
# Pandagate
Panda-monium as BBC chooses panda as one of its women faces of 2011
The choice of Edinburgh zoo’s resident female panda as one of the women faces of 2011 has not gone down well with many.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Tuesday
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# R.I.P.
World's oldest panda, Ming Ming, dies at 34
Ming Ming, who lived in a zoo in Guangdong province having previously lived in Dublin, dies of suspected kidney failure.