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# Parkour

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# Parkour
Flips, tricks and technique: An insight into Parkour and Freerunning
What started out as a hobbie, has brought Katie McDonnell onto the set of some Hollywood movies.
# Ouch
Parkour stunt goes wrong as man falls 40 feet down chimney
The free runner was stuck in the chimney for nearly two hours.
# Careful Now
Watch these fellas clamber all over Dublin landmarks like it ain't no thing
Then watch them get arrested. Oh well.
# cool running
These lads used Dublin as a jungle gym, got caught by the GardaĆ­, and filmed it all
# Parkour
So THAT'S how Santa gets from house to house on Christmas Eve
For a jolly man, he sure can move!
# run and jump
This POV parkour video will make your stomach lurch
You may need a lie down afterwards.
# carkour
VIDEO: Insane made-up 'sport'... jumping off other people's cars
You’ve heard of parkour. This is ‘carkour’.
# Prodigy
VIDEO: This 12-year-old Parkour athlete will amaze, terrify you
“Wee Beastie,” is the youngest-ever member of Parkour Generations.