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# Penguins

This year
# update the cv
Recruits wanted for five month programme counting penguins in Antarctica
Successful candidates for the role at Port Lockroy on Goudier Island will live in near constant daylight and have no running water.
All time
# flipper in flipper
Image of penguins 'hugging' wins photography prize
Tobias Baumgaertner won the Ocean Photography Awards’ community choice prize for the image of the birds in Melbourne.
# dynasties
BBC nature team defends decision to intervene and save mother and baby emperor penguins
The decision broke a principle of nature film-making to observe but not interfere.
# dad dancing
David Harbour really wanted to dance with penguins, so Twitter helped him out
Someone think of the gifs.
# Adelie penguins
Mass starvation kills all but two penguin chicks in Antarctic colony
The thousands of death has been called a “breeding failure” by experts.
# innovative technique
7,000 year old penguin poo reveals volcanic eruptions almost wiped out Antarctic sea bird colony
The changes in penguin populations had been linked to climate change.
# In A Flap
Galway wants to open Ireland's first 'penguinarium' so penguins can "hang out"
# Suspicious Deaths
Investigation launched after seven penguins drown in Canadian zoo
The director of animal care at the Calgary zoo said it was “devastating news”.
# penguin love triangle
This video of three penguins having insane relationship drama is taking over the internet
Pingu it ain’t.
# tipping the scales
PHOTOS: London Zoo is doing its annual weigh-in
It helps zookeepers monitor the animals’ health and well-being.
# Take a Break
Take a break and watch these wriggly baby penguins being weighed
They’re called Wotsit, Frazzle, Cheeto and Quaver.
# landlocked
An iceberg twice the size of Limerick city has killed 150,000 penguins
The iceberg’s grounding left penguins having to walk more than 60 kilometres to find food.
# P-p-perfect
16 amazing photos from a penguinologist's lens
Little is known about the habits and behaviors…
# Snatched
Three penguin chicks stolen from Norwegian aquarium
The park manager said he fears the chicks may now be dead as it was too early for them to be away from their parents.
# penguin parade
Just some little penguins, wandering adorably around an aquarium
Because it’s Monday.
Looking for a summer job? How about working as a postmaster in Antarctica?
That’s what Anthony Galvin is hoping to do later this year.
# p-p-pick up
The oldest man in Australia spends his time knitting tiny jumpers for tiny penguins
We’ll take one penguin and one jumper, please.
# where's me jumper
The oldest man in Australia spends his time knitting tiny jumpers for tiny penguins
# pengwings
Benedict Cumberbatch is in a penguin film, but he still can't pronounce 'penguins'
Why does this keep happening to him?
# pengweng
Ah nothing, just some penguins in tiny Santa suits
As if penguins could get any cuter.
# Like Antarctic Monkeys
Seals are having sex with penguins - and there are videos to prove it
Researchers say it is sexual harassment.
# pengwings
Listen to Benedict Cumberbatch failing to say 'penguins'
# slap happy
Just three penguins, having a slap fight
“You having a larf, mate? You having a giggle?”
# Dingle Oceanworld
Meet Ireland's first ever gentoo penguin chick
The tiny bundle of joy was born at Dingle Oceanworld.
# Ice-breaker
Do you find turn-by-turn directions a bit boring? Try following penguins instead
A Tokyo aquarium have designed the navigation app to draw in visitors.
# Books
Singapore national library to destroy LGBT-themed children's books
Library says three books are contrary to its “pro-family” stance.
# missy and penelope
A wedding could be on the cards for Ireland's first gay penguins
Two female penguins, Penelope and Missy, are nesting together in Dingle Oceanworld.
# ropey
These penguins hilariously tripping over a rope are your life
Every. Single. Day.
# unhappy feet
Sad penguins given antidepressants because the British weather is so awful
The birds are “under treatment for stress” after all the rain.
# love is love
Penguins living together at Israeli Zoo discovered to be 'lesbians'
Staff had assumed Suki and Chupchikoni were a male and female pair.
# pingu
Adorable penguins go on Christmas stroll dressed as Santa
Oh, NOTHING, just some penguins dressed up as Santa and Christmas trees.
# Dilemma
The burning question*: Are Penguins chocolate bars or biscuits?
It’s Monday, so let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
# Happy Feet
Oh, just some newborn penguins...
… named after Dr Who characters.
# Happy fishmas
Whose Christmas dinner is this?
What? No stuffing?
# Work Can Wait
VIDEO: So it turns out baby penguins really like being tickled
We’re just warning you: cute overload.
# In Pictures
London Zoo keepers weigh and measure 16,000 animals
There’s just no such thing as privacy anymore.
# Sid the Kid
Canucks and Penguins win to stay alive in NHL playoffs
Pittsburgh score eight unanswered goals to beat the Flyers after being on the brink of elimination last night.
# Giant Penguin
Extinct 'giant penguin' species reconstructed from fossils
Bones of the ‘Kairuku’, extinct for about 26 million years, were discovered in New Zealand 35 years ago.
# Review 2011
It wasn't all bad: 13 'good news' stories from 2011
The nicer side of the news…