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Benedict Cumberbatch is in a penguin film, but he still can't pronounce 'penguins'

Why does this keep happening to him?

The Imitation Game Photocall - London Source: Press Association Images

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH is an actor revered around the world for his talent and good looks, but he does have an Achilles heel. Penguins.

Or ‘pengwings’, as he likes to call them.

Benedict’s inability to say the word ‘penguin’ was revealed after fans dug up an old BBC documentary about the birds, which the actor narrated. Have a listen:

Source: Graham Hughes/YouTube


This year, he lent his voice to the film Penguins of Madagascar, which was released last month. He plays a gray wolf called Classified – naturally, the role requires talking about penguins a great deal.

Yes. We know what you’re thinking, and it’s true, as this Vine will attest.


“We are going to save these pengwings!”

For god’s sake, Benedict’s agent, keep casting him in penguin films. We’ll never get tired of this.

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