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The 8 people you'll meet out on the town this Halloween

It brings out the best in us. (And the worst.)

HALLOWEEN IS THE one night in the year when it’s perfectly OK to cover yourself in fake blood, or ape your favourite TV or film character, or wear next to nothing. It’s your choice.

Whatever you’re at tonight, you will definitely spot at least one of these people out and about.

A band of Sexy Costumed gal pals

sexy lobster

Tick as applied: Sexy Cat, Sexy Devil, Sexy Angel, Sexy Schoolgirl, Sexy Nerd…

Bonus points if a single member of the group has bucked tradition and gone All Out (to be discussed a little later).

The one guy who doesn’t dress up

And has some pre-prepared spiel on how Halloween is for kids and losers.

tumblr_lra5aklifM1r1ai0yo1_500 Source: Tumblr

The gas bunch of lads

school-8 Source: Aidan Coffey

They’ve organised some sort of crazy group costume and will use it to break the ice with lovely ladies/lads all night, until one (or all) of them disappears.

The person who has to explain their costume to everyone

roflbot (5)

They thought it was really clever. Too clever, perhaps.

The person in the really, really inappropriate costume

ebola-13 Source: BrandsOnSale.com

This isn’t just a bit of #madbanter. This is actually really offensive. And everyone’s too embarrassed to say anything.

The person who has lost or broken most of their costume…

giphy Source: Giphy

They left down their witch’s broom for just ONE SECOND.

…And the person who has acquired bits and pieces of other people’s costumes

A devil’s trident here, a top hat there. Halloween turns the most law-abiding folk into petty thieves. Yoink!

tumblr_mrw463n1hy1s96utdo1_400 Source: Tumblr

And the one who goes ALL OUT

scary Source: Kirstenoliphant

You probably won’t recognise this person, as their features will be concealed under layers of fake blood and liquid latex.

Cherish this person. Love this person. They are a rare breed.

This pumpkin perfectly captures the nation’s feelings about water meters>

Open thread: What’s your favourite Halloween memory?>

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