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16 photos that were taken at JUST the right moment

Bravo, humans.

SOMETIMES, YOU GET a shot so perfect, you may as well just stop trying.

1. This unfortunate surfer

Ok58l4J Source: Imgur

2. This bridal photo, with double the romance

tEAaypJ Source: JPG Photography

3. Uh, what

Fa4g7hA Source: Imgur

4. You couldn’t have PLANNED this


haZOhO4 Source: Imgur


hEho58Z Source: Imgur

6. Right in the goolies

JoRiqTd Source: Imgur

7. Unfortunate

PCpO3mL Source: Imgur

8. Selfies done right

xBeJF4y Source: Imgur

8. Is it a sock? Is it a foot? It’s anyone’s guess

pWeynsu Source: Imgur

9. <3

fFVu9ad Source: Imgur

10. Bus, meet puddle, meet some damn good timing

W6Rtyra Source: Imgur

11. My, what slender legs you have sir

xGZvcMO Source: Imgur

12. Two face, bird style

45J3w7h Source: Imgur

13. Like owner like dog, like dog-owner mesh

perfectly-timed-photos-71 Source: Boredpanda

14. This is far too common

tEnxS9x Source: Imgur

15. CLANK, dammit

QxUY90c Source: Imgur

16. Hey doggie let’s take a selfie, bleughuehguhghh


DbRcYA9 Source: Imgur

Is this the most perfectly timed photo ever?>

This perfectly-timed photo looks REALLY like Glen Hansard>

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