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14 pets who are just SO done with Christmas

Cute, but crying inside.

YOUR PETS LOVE you, don’t take advantage of that love… even if they look SO CUTE.

1. Please. Get this off my nose

B3DgOx9CQAATjAE Source: BowWowDogs

2. Seriously? Get me out of this guys

B4eL_ujCYAEEIeo Source: Marnie

3. How could you?

B4cf8nHCEAAV3NY Source: Fifth_Earl


5. I will never trust you again

B4RlkVhCYAAy963 Source: MistyPalace

6. How much longer must I suffer?


7. That’s all about to change

tnAtb Source: Imgur

8. What did I do to deserve this?

IIwES Source: Imgur

9. Sleep with one eye open

B4dPmDvCYAER0OG Source: Twimgmattcatfamous


B4TojZMIAAAU9-e Source: loveucats

11. Release us, imposter

B4-trX_IQAALxEI Source: Twimg

12. I’m too old for this crap

09LGG5L Source: Imgur

13. I am not a child, no matter how well you dress me

m17GQ7W Source: Imgur

14. You will live to regret this. Mark my words

hmJukuv Source: Imgur

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