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Should you delete all photos of your ex after you break up?

So many photos. Everywhere.

Kissing Source: kohlmann.sascha

IT COULD BE photos of you shifting or delightful photos of you guys on holiday last summer.

But what do you do with them all once you break up?

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts probably feature wall-to-wall coverage of your now ex. So you have a decision to make, namely:

There are many out there on team “delete everything”

Do it immediately after, they cry.

You won’t find yourself stumbling back on to shots like this months later

kisses. Source: justtohottotouch

There is a refreshing feeling for some

But others argue the exact opposite.

This Reddit thread broached the topic and the top answer contained these comments:

I want to move on from that part of my life, not erase it. Also, too lazy.
I feel the same way. I’m still good friends with my ex (we split on good terms), so it’s OK. Besides, that was over four years ago for me.

To which others out there concur

And there are, of course, less serious concerns surrounding the issue

And, for anyone not yet sure, there are plenty of guides out there

breakupguide Source: NY Post

This one from the New York Post says that you definitely shouldn’t go and delete all the snaps on Instagram and Facebook:

There’s something petty — and, even more, sad — about someone who takes down pics the second that things stop working out IRL. What’s more, scrubbing those photos from Facebook and Instagram isn’t going to make you feel any better.
Instead, keep them there, and treat them the same way you would treat all the other images you post from your life’s journey — they were good times and you wanted to share them.

What do you think then? Should you purge that ex from your internet history?

Poll Results:

Depends on the situation and the break up, tbh (1230)
Yes, definitely. No need to have the memories still online (618)
No way, it was my past and I think the memories should stay (515)

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