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# hanging
10 pictures that perfectly sum up every hangover
Kill me.

1. The sight of these guardian angels

2. This completely useless supermarket haul

BUS1FCGIQAA4d0n HayleyGowland / Twitter HayleyGowland / Twitter / Twitter

The Doritos make sense, but the lettuce? You must be in a bad way.


B8Mt3OyCAAAA8Jr Chris Purdy / Twitter Chris Purdy / Twitter / Twitter

4. And don’t ever leave my mouth, sweet water bottle!


5. Meanwhile, the eighth consecutive episode of Friends plays on your TV…

AnuyfU2CQAETpQY chelseasara / Twitter chelseasara / Twitter / Twitter

6. And you’re wearing a onesie  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

B1ZRGmtIgAEvqtR _sshawx / Twitter _sshawx / Twitter / Twitter

You can’t possibly be expected to wear real adult clothes today.

7. These guys have never looked so appealing…

nGeLnTW Imgur Imgur

8. But despite popping painkillers and drinking every liquid available to you, you still feel like this

B4Q13IbIUAAuBcv Nata;e732 / Twitter Nata;e732 / Twitter / Twitter

9. Your text messages sum everything up, really

lhxQI9S Imgur Imgur

10. Oh well, back to bed with you. It’ll all be okay tomorrow…


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