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This video Photoshops men out of famous workplaces and it’s striking

Things look pretty stark once you take away the men.

A VIDEO BY the magazine Elle UK released this week has sparked an interesting debate on women in the workplace.

It’s taken some really famous women at work

watson2 Source: YouTube

And removed the men from the pictures

watson1 Source: Elle/YouTube

The description on the YouTube video sums up the aim of the project:

There are too many instances where women are represented by a single female. In business, music, art and media, women rarely outnumber men.

So Elle has started the #MoreWomen campaign

lena1 Source: YouTube

With this video reminding people how stark these places look with no men

lena2 Source: YouTube

Like this photo of Angela Merkel and other world leaders

lena3 Source: YouTube

Suddenly puts the lack of equality in focus

lena4 Source: YouTube

The video has been viewed over 250,000 times in the last week

jolie1 Source: YouTube

And it’s started a passionate debate in the YouTube comments section too

jolie12 Source: YouTube

Watch it all here:

Source: ELLEUKTV/YouTube

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