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Pizza place offers free pizza to women who flash them

Probably pass on that one, then.

WOULD YOU FLASH the pizza boy if it meant free doughy, cheesy deliciousness?

Drew’s Pizzeria in Illinois is offering you the chance to do just that.

Filing it under ‘ideas of the century’, the bros of Drew’s took to their Twitter account to promote the unmissable deal, exclusive to womankind.

The Tweets, recovered by Smiling Politely, request women to lift up their tops and show the pizza guys their breasts in exchange for a free pizza pie.


The promotion, broadcast on their deleted account @DrewsPizzaCU, boasted that

We’ve seen some great pairs tonight lets see some more! #FReepizzafortits.




The minute people started questioning the chauvinistic offer, the absolute dudes deleted their Twitter.

Local news channel ABC 15 reports that the owner of the pizzeria claimed his workers posted the messages and they were immediately deleted.

However, this employee defended the practice as just a bit of craic.


It’s a college town, a bunch of people are out to have fun. We’re in here working and at the same time want to have fun. Hey, somebody comes in, says I’m drunk, if I flash you can I get a pizza. Then yeah, sure, why not, it makes everybody here happy, it makes the crowd happy.

The owner went on to say he’s never seen his employees happier and that they’re never late for work.

Well, at least they’re right on track with their target market if this Craigslist ‘rave’ is anything to go by.

rave Source: Craiglist

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