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Here's where you can find 10 glorious American snacks in Dublin

Now all you need is ALL the money.

TWIZZLERS, TWINKIES, LUCKY CHARMS… but where to get them?

We’ve found out.

1. Twinkies

So they’re more foam than food, but there are quite a few places that sell them, albeit at high prices. But if you’re gagging for one… head to…

  • Some large branches of Tesco, most definitely the one in Maynooth if you can get out that far.
  • Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Dame Street
  • Fallon and Byrne, Exchequer St

First ever Twinkie! #food #first #American #tesco #cream Source: spectralphotos

2. Red Vines and Twizzlers

You may know them as red liquorice, but they’re so so much more.

  • Fresh supermarkets, your dear writer has been known to stock up in the Camden Street branch. They sell the grape ones here too.
  • Candy Lab, Temple Bar
  • Fallon and Byrne, Exchequer St


3. Hersey’s Chocolate

Why would you want this.

  • If you’re in Ranelagh head to Mortons.
  • Topaz garages.
  • Centra
  • Spar
  • Stick to Cadbury.

hcnc2 Source: Hershey's

4. Mountain Dew

So essentially, this is just a fancy 7up. The brand was initially just a myth to us Irish kids, but they have since launched a version in some select Irish shops.

  • Your best bet is the larger chain shops, like Centra and Spar. The Temple Bar and Dame Street branches usually have them stocked.
  • Some of the central Euro shops also stock them, such as Euro 2 on George’s Street.


5. AW Root Beer

WHAT EVEN IS IT? Try it out and see, it is available in…

  • Central Spars and Centras, like Dame Street and Temple Bar on the quays.
  • Fallon and Byrne in the fridges.
  • Pablo Picantes in Temple Bar.
  • DiFontaines on Parliament St.

CI_xq6-VEAE2QHv Source: AW

6. Lucky Charms

These are sold in quite a good few places now, and will always be super expensive.


  • Harvey Nicholls in Dundrum
  • The euro shop in Blanchardstown Town Centre sell the snack packs, but they sell out quick.
  • Simm’s Olde Sweet shop, Dame Street
  • Donnybrook Fair, Donnybrook

CKDkqAqWgAEC8tz Source: Twimg

7. Froot Loops

Some of the larger Tescos stock them.

Fallon and Byrne.

Finally found this in Dublin, the US version of Froot Loops! All time favourite! :D Source: emirzulkharnain

8. Marshmallow fluff

So this is like Nutella, except it’s made with marshmallows. You can get a plain or strawberry flavour in…

  • Avoca, Suffolk Street
  • Fresh, IFSC, Smithfield, Camden Street
  • Donnybrook Fair
  • Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

CJaKPFKUYAAJ_a_ Source: thatkidbryn

9. Poptarts

So we have most of the standard flavours but what about the good ones?

  • Again, big Tescos do flavours such as birthday cake and s’mores.
  • Fallon and Byrne have a decent selection
  • Fresh supermarkets

CKkwlIaWUAAEH2N Source: _shampoopapi

10. Assorted candies

Looking for weird M&Ms flavours, Jolly Ranchers, American gum such as Big Red, kool aid?

  • Simm’s Olde Sweet Shop, Temple Bar
  • Candy Lab,
  • Fresh
  • The newsagents downstairs in Dundrum.
  • Planet Candy, Rathmines
  • The Euroshops that are popping up EVERYWHERE usually have a decent selection.

BssH9RVIQAEu7ig Source: jozbov

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments.

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