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We have reached peak hipster hangout - introducing the Porridge Café in London

The era of the novelty café is here.

JUST AS WE come round to the concept of a cereal-only café and a crisp sandwich eatery, some people are going to start a restaurant in London that serves only porridge.

We have truly seen it all now.

The aptly and simply named Porridge Café will serve a variety of porridge-based dishes in the Shoreditch area of London, according to the London Evening Standard:

Some of the options include breakfast oats, quinoa and savoury based meals made with risotto and beetroot. Visitors can take away the meals to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.There is also a range of different milks to choose from catering to all dietary needs and 11 different types of grain.

Over at TimeOut, founder of the café Nik Williamson spoke about the inspiration behind the, eh, unique venture:

We were inspired to launch the café after seeing the Nordic revival of porridge, where it has been shown to be an exciting and versatile staple dish – both savoury and sweet’.

Prices at the Porridge Café will range from £2.35 and go all the way up to £7 for the more complex dishes and it is set to open on March 2nd.

What next? It’s a brave new novelty café world we live in.

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