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Power Rangers is now 20 years old

Feel ancient yet?

THOSE MIGHTY MORPHIN’ Power Rangers turned 20 years old last week.

The series, which was adapted from a Japanese series called Super Sentai, has broadcast over 700 episodes since it first hit screens on August 28, 1993.

Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly and Thomas were the original power rangers, leading the way for the 18 generations and cast switch-ups that have followed.

Here’s reminder a of some great things about the show.

Maybe it’s the fantastic opening that is engraved in our brains forever?

How about the intense anticipation waiting for the moment they would morph?

power-rangers-gif-05 Source: Papelpop

power-rangers-gif-14 Source: Papelpop

Or the super realistic fight scenes?

This kid has some flick on him. Powerful stuff.




The villains were ridiculous.

1918152-zeddandrita Source: Comicvine


zyu-vi-zrvillians Source: Supersentai

af90246259f5550135e900907e6f7f2a Source: Gifsforum

As was Zordon’s floating head thingy.

zordon_power_Rangers_racista_video_Freak_tierrafreak.com.ar Source: BlogSpot

We’ll never forget their truce with the turtles. In a word–overwhelming.

truce Source: Tumblr

Who didn’t have these figures? Adjustable limbs, yeah!

power-ranger-gif-120 Source: Papelpop

power-ranger-cabeça-gif-01 Source: Papelpop

The franchise is still going strong, with the latest generation of rangers, Power Rangers Megaforce, broadcasting on Nickelodeon this year.

They look completely different to the originals, but we’re sure it’s as ridiculous as ever.

power-rangers-megaforce-weird-dream-clip-16x9 Source: Nick

Man dresses up as a Power Ranger to help out at Tokyo subway station>

Questionable 90s merchandise that might be worth a fortune*>

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