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Puppy with ‘second tail’ growing from his head found wandering the streets in Missouri
The 10-week-old dog was rescued and given the name Narwhal.
'It was really touch and go': Eight-week-old pup given life saving surgery following public donations
“We realised we were dealing with a very life threatening condition.”
US teacher faces jail time after allegedly feeding sick puppy to snapping turtle
Robert Crosland faces up to six months in jail.
Vet who injected liquid heroin into puppies to smuggle drugs into US extradited
His arrest comes after a 12-year investigation.
'By getting a puppy at Christmas you're putting it at the worst start in life'
Dogs Trust is repeating its warning to the public to not give dogs as Christmas presents.
Rogue bat flies into Kerry home, causes ructions, gets caught on video
The bat was an intruder that Tadhg Fleming and his family are unlikely to forget in a hurry.
DSPCA renews appeal to public as Christmas present puppy is handed in already
His name is Prancer.
The tiny puppy abandoned at Dublin Airport has found a new home
Little Sneachta will have some happy holidays indeed.
A little puppy was handed in to the lost and found at Dublin Airport today
He was found in a blue plastic tub outside Terminal 1 :(
Thinking of buying a puppy for Christmas? Here's why you shouldn't
The ISPCA has warned people to wait until January to avoid funding puppy farms where dogs can be kept in “appalling conditions”.
Irish puppy farms produce 30,000 dogs a year - here's how to make sure you don't buy from an illegal one
Puppies from illegal farm will likely develop mental and physical illnesses as a result of in-breeding and their treatment.
This little boy tried to train his puppy by making him watch YouTube videos
And the puppy is really trying!
This girl finally got a new puppy after winning a Twitter bet with her dad
Jacob Tremblay now owns a tiny puppy, so we've reached peak cute
Prepare yourself.
This little boy reunited with his lost dog is breaking hearts all over Facebook
We can't get enough of this cute Kilkenny lamb who thinks she's a dog
We love you Little Dorrit.
Russia is sending this puppy over to Paris to replace the dog killed in a siege
Diesel was killed in a raid on jihadists linked to the Paris attacks that killed 130 people last Friday.
This puppy with its head stuck in a mayonnaise jar is all of us
100% would do the same, let’s be honest.
Puppy 'melted to death' after being locked in boot of car
The puppy was likely trapped in the car for a number of days.
Garda Barker has stood down from duty
Gardai say he ‘handed in his leash and badge before heading home’.
This pooch, missing for years, was found an awful long way from home
Lilly the Shih Tzu has been reunited with her owners.
Man who killed nine puppies while high on meth jailed
The attack was described as “deplorable and distressing”.
Oh nothing, just a tiny puppy being scared of his own hiccups
“What the hell ARE these things?”
The Gardaí have found another adorable animal ... Do you recognise this puppy?
Officers at Raheny are looking for this guy’s owner.
Lazy dog doesn't want to play, tricks puppy into chasing itself around in circles
A dog after our own hearts.
Video: Amy the pig is fetching, dancing and playing the piano at dog shows
Move over Babe – this is real.
The Gardaí are using this incredibly cute puppy to try and win us over (again) on Twitter
Look at his little face.
This video of the 116 puppies rescued at Dublin Port will make your day
Look! Look at them!
Everyone is losing it over this adorable Budweiser Super Bowl ad about a lost puppy
Best buds, tears.
Unbearably cute video demonstrates how to send your over-energetic pup to sleep
Poor little Pizel can’t hack it.
Little boy's emotional reaction to his new puppy will warm your icy heart
It’s all just TOO MUCH.
'A dog is for life', so why do people continue to give them as presents?
That well-known phrase just hasn’t stuck.
This little girl's reaction to getting a puppy will make you weep
This puppy is ridiculously and adorably excited to see its owner
Do a little dance, make a little jump.
Cute puppy dons Cone of Shame, conveniently forgets how to walk until it comes off
Family saves puppy with jug stuck on its head for two months
Puppy in a bucket, I know, I know, it’s serious.
'You know eventually they'll be leaving you' - what it's like to train an Irish guide dog puppy
Meet Quigley.
This firmly asleep pitbull puppy is you every weekday morning
These 3 beagle puppies were rescued from a mineshaft ... but one is still missing
One of their siblings is still down the mineshaft this morning — but it’s hoped he’ll come out of his own accord.
'Barbaric': Puppy had tail cut off before being abandoned
The ISPCA is appealing for information in relation to an injured puppy found in Portlaoise.