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What the hell is a ramen burger?

It’s delicious apparently, that’s what.

THERE’S A NEW weird food thingy in town. Forget cronuts, the only odd food hybrid you’ll want to be caught with this Autumn is essentially Koka noodles with a burger in the middle

We first heard about these last week when they were unveiled at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg food flea market, but now, the reviews are in.

The ultimate student meal was created by ramen fanatic Keizo Shimamoto when he moved to New York, as he had always loved burgers but beef is so expensive in Japan it was a rare occurrence to make one.

But how was the Japanese-American hybrid dish received among New York’s finest?

The original prototype.


Evolved, now with added shoyu sauce and scallions.


The species diversified.

Shimamoto promised ramen burgers to the first 100 people at the market last week, and the hipsters of Brooklyn didn't take this threat lightly. They queued from up to an hour before the stand even opened.

Scott Lynch / Gothamist

The dedication of it all.

The first bite of that medium-rare delight was completely worth it though.

Scott Lynch / Gothamist

Not before snapping a photo for instagram though. Otherwise, what would be the point?


Well, the reviews are in.

Scott Lynch, speaking to The Gothamist, said:

It tastes exactly as you would expect: plain ramen, slightly crunchy but mostly soft and noodle-y, sealed together for hand-holding, but then it all comes apart pleasantly in your mouth, a nifty trick; good burger, cooked medium rare, juicy and rich; "secret sauce" which brings both sweetness and salt to the party.

But added that

it could definitely use some jacking up, some fire and heat, like if they used red chili ramen or something.

Brad Garoon of Burger Weekly was a little apprehensive at first;

My only fear was that the ramen bun would fall apart. Thankfully and deliciously, my fear was unfounded.

But wait, it gets even better.

Not only did the ramen bun stick together until almost all of the meat was devoured, the crispy grilled sides of the ramen were positively delectable, with a delightful texture. The patty was very tasty, if somewhat small. Its size was likely necessary to keep the sandwich’s structure intact. I thought the shoyu sauce stole the show, however, and wished there could be more of it on the burger.

Even those waiting in line were impressed.

But wait, what's this? An even NEWER weird food thing? A hybrid of the cronut and the ramen burger? A CRONUT BURGER? Stop this utter madness before we have a full blown war on nutrition.


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