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# Referendum

Last month
May 2024
Inter-departmental group to be set up to consider proposals on a referendum on housing
'People can't move on': TD proposes to reduce divorce waiting period from two years to six months
This year
It's official: There won't be a patent referendum in June as Burke says 'more time is needed'
Peter Burke's first big test as minister? Fighting off patent referendum postponement, says FF senator
Emma DeSouza: Should we really put a price on a United Ireland?
Emma DeSouza
Taoiseach says investigation needed into alleged vote blocking of black Irish person in referendum
Tánaiste says Government may have 'overestimated' public support for Constitutional changes
Open Thread: Carers, what would you like to see from government after the No vote in the care referendum?
'This is not a victory for anyone': A carer reacts to landslide No vote in referendum
Ann Brehony
International coverage of referendums focuses on 'shambolic' campaign and 'women in the home'
'Disabled people are not a burden': Campaigner thanks public for resounding No vote
Family and Care referendums defeated by huge margins
Minister 'frustrated' at AG advice leak but says it backed Govt position on immigration and care
Here's what you need to know about referendum count day
Which is green and which is white? Here's your guide to voting today
Voting to get under way as polling stations for Family and Care referendums open at 7am
Politicians on Yes and No sides lay out their stalls in final TV debate ahead of referendums
Electoral Commission: Referendum poster by Senator Sharon Keogan 'an incorrect representation'
The poster is one of a number printed by the senator in the lead up to the referendum votes on Friday.
Opinion: Yes, the wording is tricky, but I am voting 'Yes, Yes' in the proposed referendums
Ursula Barry
Opinion: Does the care referendum show that it’s time for some constitutional spring cleaning?
Dr Alan Greene
Opinion: Mainstream feminists are backing the 'care amendment' - this is a mistake
Rosaleen McDonagh
Referendum Q&A: What will you be asked to vote on? And what exactly is a durable relationship?
People will next week be asked to vote on amending sections of the Constitution related to the family and the provision of care.
The votes, dubbed the Family Amendment and the Care Amendment, will take place next Friday
The Constitution currently only recognises families based on marriage and refers to a woman's place 'in the home'
Not up to speed on what the referendums are about? We've got you covered
Carer: 'I'm so desperate for scraps of support, I'm almost hoping for a yes vote next week'
Rita B. Wray
Former president Mary McAleese calls for double Yes vote in referendums
Debate Room: The Yes and No sides set out their cases for the forthcoming referendums
Sarah O'Reilly & Heather Humphreys
Campaign group Equality not Care says proposed change in care referendum is ‘ageist' and 'ableist'
Here's how to register to vote (or update your information) ahead of next month's referendums
What do you want to know about the 8 March referendums? Send us your questions
Varadkar launches Fine Gael campaign calling for a double Yes vote in family and care referendums
Green Party launches Yes campaign for upcoming referendums in March
Referendum vote: 'I realise now we men were conditioned to think women are more natural carers'
Mick Gaskin
There's going to be ANOTHER referendum this year and it's on... patents
FactCheck: Could the 'women in the home' referendum erase all references to women in the Constitution?
Sinn Féin says it will support a Yes vote in the upcoming referendums
Man entitled to widower's pension despite not being married to partner, Supreme Court rules
John O’Meara said today’s ruling will help many other families in similar situations.
Supreme Court ruling in widower's pension case could have implications for referendum
TD will 'take her chances' with current 'women in the home' wording rather than 'wishy washy' replacement
Referendums: Flac suggests changing 'durable relationships' wording, warns about misinformation
The Free Legal Advice Centre says the proposed changes, as currently worded, are “symbolic” and “will not deliver meaningful enforceable rights”.
Not our job to win referendums for the government, says chief exec of new electoral authority
Last year
'Doing it on Women's Day like it's a gift to us': Cairns criticises govt on women's referendum