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The Dredge: Rihanna gets back with Chris Brown; world is baffled

We get our hands mucky with the best of the day’s dirt.

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, we dig through the celebrity dirt to bring you the best of it. Here’s The Dredge…

Rihanna has reportedly reunited with her woman-battering ex Chris Brown, in the romantic setting of a nightclub bathroom. The pair were both at a New York club where they spent 30 minutes in the toilets. Which suggests either a sexual encounter, or that they need more fibre in their diets.

“One thing led to another and that was that. She wanted some of him and she got some. Wasn’t like Chris was going to turn her down,” a source gleefully recalled. (Perez)

The world also got a glimpse of Brown’s seduction technique. He reportedly “made his way over to his ex-girlfriend, removed his shirt and started dancing on the table”. It might get you thrown out of Coppers, but hey. (Celebuzz)


The Words

Cage Hunt: The name which Tom Cruise uses to check into hotels, because he wants to sound like a 1990s porn star. (That’s our guess anyway.) Meanwhile, in further evidence that he is a ridiculous person, the Scientologist reportedly now spends all his spare time playing with a toy helicopter. Um. (The Sun)

Tom Cruise in a pensive moment, while separated from his helicopter (John Phillips/UK Press/Press Association Images)

From This Moment: The song chosen by Una Healy to soundtrack a mildly bizarre video of her wedding to Ben Foden, which includes scenes of the happy pair caressing a horse. The singer released the clip on Twitter and you can watch it here if you want to feel slightly nauseated. Or just, you know, like horses. (Twitter)

I feel like there’s something between us. (Screen grab/

Restricted: Britney Spears’ use of the internet and mobile phones, which is “heavily monitored” by her father and fiancé. Some websites are blocked from her computer because her family don’t want her reading negative stories. Meanwhile, remember when Brit-Brit dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl? Well, there was a Celebrity Day at her four-year-old niece’s school…

(Jamie Lynn Spears/Twitter)


The Dirt

TOWIE’s Chloe Sims got cosmetic surgery because Twitter told her to. (Mirror)

Westlife’s Nicky Byrne has a cool new nickname: “Glitterballs”. (The Sun)

AC Slater off Saved By The Bell Respected actor Mario Lopez is going to host the US X Factor. (TMZ)

Things have cooled between Kim Kardashian and her sex-tape co-star (Radar)

Do you want to see a photo of Justin Bieber in a haunted house? Of course you do. (Seriously, who wears sunglasses in a haunted house?)



The Barrel Scraper

Gutted. (Perezitos)

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