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11 things kids today will never understand about romance

It was a tough, but lovely, time.

SPARE A THOUGHT for the kids today. You had it easy.

1. Sitting through school was torture

WHERE WERE THEY? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Now you can just scroll through your phone and find out.


2. A mix tape was the most romantic gesture of all

Now it’s all mp3 transfer and YouTube links. NOT the same.

Bgcm4CSIQAAu2MT Source: jlukeroberts

3. They’ll never know the beauty of receiving a love letter

Now it’s all texts and dick pics.

QTe5hgg Source: Imgur

4. Tinder was traded for good old fashioned face-to-face interaction

It may have been scary, but it was simpler.

tumblr_njzgi0sAYi1qzad3ao1_500 Source: Tumblr

5. Your only chance of getting in contact with them at a sleepover was looking them up in the phone book

… and prank calling them. Now you can just message them on 1,090,980 social media platform.


6. When someone became your ex, that was it

There was no way to keep up to date with their every move, outside of legit stalking them.


7. The feeling of missing them after a date

You can now immediately talk mundane shite after you just saw them, while years ago you’d have to wait until you knocked over to their house or saw them in school.

Hey what u up to? Nuthin much, u?


8. Know nothing about someone before you met them

What a beautiful and freeing feeling that must’ve been…

tumblr_lxdq38RG3t1qgi2h8o1_500 Source: Tumblr

9. A drunk, a dodgy phonecall was the most you could mortify yourself with

At least you couldn’t hear it back. Now you have to deal with the outbox of shame every weekend.

Shame-on-you-2 Source: Elodieheloise

10. People actually went on dates and DIDN’T take selfies

How were relationships ever official before you changed the relationship status? Were you guys really

cnn_keisuke_jinushi_hitori_date Source: Marymacapagal

11. Proposals were private event

Yes, there was a time when proposals were just between two people. Imagine? If a proposal happened and wasn’t posted on Youtube, did it really happen at all?

well_did_she_accept_or_die_540 Source: Owned

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