The outrageous extension on last night's Room to Improve certainly divided viewers

Well for some.

ROOM TO IMPROVE came back with a bang last night.

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After the extremely wholesome Daniel and Majella episode last week, the build on the second of the series caused a massive divide with viewers.

Let’s start from the er, start.

Up this week, were couple David and Susie from Fermoy, in Cork

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The couple had big ambitions for their house, with an initial €430k budget for a massive extension on their 170-year-old gaff.

They wanted a gym, a treatment room for Susie’s beautician practice, a wet room and a granny flat.

Modest enough, so.

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Dermot gave them a swift reality check, telling them that their budget wasn’t even nearly enough for their ambitious plans

They’d need €310k for the spa area alone, and over €410k for the improvements on the main house.

Did this put them off? NO. Throw on more money!

A full year later, the budget goes up to 650k and they cut the granny flat to save costs

Viewers were already screaming, WHAT!

It was unlike anything we’ve seen on Room to Improve before

But others were loving the idea of letting Dermot free with a massive budget

But a LOT of people thought it was too OTT

Either way, it was happening


The whole episode was basically the couple deciding over spending a massive amount of money on things, or a smaller massive amount of money on things

There was a big debate over spending €80k on windows, or not. Then there was the super high-tech dog door and sleeping area.

But here, we can’t talk

Viewers got a brief respite when we saw Dermot in a jacuzzi at the couple’s holiday home in Ardmore

That sentence alone is enough to tell you that it was the most outrageous episode yet.

After a year and four months, it was complete

And it was unreal. Almost like a hotel.

They got their much needed sauna, steam room, pool, and treatment room

And the budget? Well, we never actually found out what they spent in the end

It’s probably for the best, because this was an episode that was more like Grand Designs than Room to Improve.

Safe to say that most of the country was sick by the end of it

Until next week…

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