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12 rules all Irish people need to follow at the cinema

For the sake of everybody else, PLEASE.

1. If the screen is empty, don’t even think about sitting beside someone else

Oh dear am the only one in the cinema Source: Instagram/r15h1k4

2. Actually, just leave them the whole row

Empty cinema Source: Instagram/sheilitos

3. And if you were assigned a seat in that row, well, find another

#datenight #emptycinema #feetup #starwars #odeon Source: Instagram/totily91

You’re not bound by law to sit in your assigned seat, especially on quiet days. Give everyone some SPACE.

4. Leave smelly, dinner-like foods at home

#rasalkhaimah #marinasnackrak#salads #nachossalad #cheese #yummy #snack #cinemanachos #myuae #rakcity #rak#cornaish #راس_الخيمة #راك#دوار_السفينة #دلع_كرشك_في_راس_الخيمة #لذيذ #جزيرة_المرجان #ناتشوز Source: Instagram/marinasnackrak

That includes cinema nachos and hot dogs, BTW. They taste like crap anyway.

5. Seats are not for feet

Kicking back to watch a movie #metime #emptycinema @merimanus Source: Instagram/ms.lenoir

Don’t kick or prod the seat in front of you with your foot. Don’t be that person.

6. And if you get lost, try and catch up on your own

629906_original Source: Wordpress


Ssshhhh. For your own good.


phonesilent Source: DailyEdge.ie

8. And don’t use it during the film

9. But if you have to, be discreet about it

Do it under a jacket or something. But only if it’s absolutely essential.

10. Your coat doesn’t deserve a seat of its own

tumblr_mhm41eplHi1rkxi0io1_500 Source: Tumblr

No matter how lovely you think it is.

11. If you’ve a tiny bladder, sit near the outside

tumblr_inline_nxpjqicPpf1tcrqfn_500 Source: Tumblr

12. And, above all else, absolutely NO chat

Oopp9 Source: Popkey

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