RuPaul was tweeting about Saoirse Ronan but called her 'Sir Shaw' and now it's everywhere

Arise, Sir Shaw!

Source: SIPA USA

WE DON’T GET to see Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan’s new film Lady Bird in cinemas until mid-February, but it’s been gaining a ridiculous amount of momentum in the States in the run up to awards season.

And last night it got the seal of approval from none other than RuPaul.

RuPaul LOVED the film and tweeted that praise to over a million followers


But… there was only one slight problem:

LOVED film “Lady Bird.” Sir Shaw, Greta Gerwig & Laurie Metcalf

Sir Shaw!

“I dub thee… Sir Shaw of the Ronan Dynasty”

People immediately picked up on this comical misspelling of Saoirse

This is a new one in the pantheon of Saoirse’s name-related mishaps in the States

Possibly the best one? Sir Shaw has a grandness to it you don’t get with many typos

People were confused for a while about who/what Sir Shaw was

Auto correct, maybe? Either way, it’s unintentional comedy of the highest order

“And the Oscar goes to… Sir Shaw Ronan!”

The Queen has spoken

Arise, Sir Shaw.

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