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That 'sexist' McDonald's ad has been removed from YouTube

The ad featured Irish lads being told to “man up”.
Feb 16th 2015, 5:12 PM 5,763 3

A MCDONALD’S AD that was criticised by many as being “sexist” has been removed from the fast food chain’s YouTube channel.

The two-minute video featured Irish men being mocked at the drive thru for driving “girly” cars and being encouraged to “man up” by ordering a Quarter Pound Deluxe.


The ad has since been removed from YouTube, which a spokesperson for McDonald’s told is simply down to the fact that the campaign had concluded.

McDonald’s frequently creates viral content for sharing online. We usually seed out this type of activity on various channels for short limited bursts to peak interest. This activity has now concluded, but is available on our Facebook page.

The whole thing is part of the Serious Man Food campaign, which aims to remind men of what manliness is and also break the record for the amount of times manliness can be mentioned in an ad.

As we all know, the Quarter Pounder Deluxe is the manliest burger out there. Today we’re going to have some customers coming in and, man to man, we’re going to remind them of what manliness really is.

They aimed to look for guys who were driving their “mam’s cars, their girlfriends’ cars, kids’ cars, bicycles” and help them man up.

The clip was viewed by many as being “sexist” and guilty of perpetuating unfair gender stereotypes with many taking to social media to say as much.

If you have set to see the ad, you can view it in full here.

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