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28 signs you're definitely past your early 20s

It literally you.

IT’S THAT TIME of life. You may as well come to terms with it.

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1. You feel a weird pang of relief when plans get cancelled

2. You used to be offended when you were asked for ID, now you’re pleased

3. You own more than one duvet cover

4. Hearing someone suggest ‘Coppers?’ fills you with slight panic

5. After a party your house is covered in bottles, not cans

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6. You have installed and deleted Tinder more times than you can count

7. You’re not sure you really believe in Tinder anyway

8. Your mother was right. There IS a difference between a hand towel and a tea towel

9. Also, you should really get her to show you sometime how to fold fitted sheets

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10. Going out two nights in a row is a laughable idea

11. Weddings used to be an exciting novelty. Now they’re really kind of a major expense

12. The last big gig you went to was a band on a reunion tour

13. You know what a reed diffuser is

14. You have considered buying a reed diffuser

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15. Overall, you’re still kind of down with the kids, but you can feel it slowly slipping out of your grasp

16. Teenagers occasionally use words you don’t understand

17. You get irritated when young people are nostalgic for stuff you think was, like, five years ago

18. You take a genuine interest in the Graham Norton guestlist

Source: Ian West

19. A slow cooker actually sounds like a great Christmas present when you think about it

20. You have bought ‘dry clean only’ clothes and actually dry-cleaned them

21. That one friend who parties *all* the time has gone from being HILARIOUS CRAIC to a little bit worrying and tragic

22. That one friend who had kids really young has gone from being a little bit worrying and tragic to kind of amazing and #goals

23. You understand the dials on your washing machine

Source: Karen V Bryan

24. Women: You have secretly read articles about the female ‘fertility cliff’

25. Men: You have secretly borrowed tweezers to deal with nose hair

26. You feel vaguely like you should look into getting a pension, sometime

27. You haven’t looked into getting a pension

28. You genuinely look forward to going to bed.

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