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# Ageing

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Dr Lisa McNamee
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Niamh O'Reilly
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Joseph Musgrave
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Justine Bateman
Germany legend 'slowly passing to the afterlife'
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Professor Rónán Collins
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Kate Beaufoy: 'Who cares about the carers? I was a fit fifty when I took on a job of care. I nearly cracked up'
Kate Beaufoy
'When I came in here I couldn't walk. Now I've just been told I can go home'
Four-year-old boy being treated for mysterious ageing disease
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Christine Allen
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Kieran Walsh
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Maeve Halpin
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Claire Micks
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Lianne Murphy
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Opinion: We have made no preparations for our ageing population
Tadhg Daly
80% of Irish over 50s are overweight
Opinion: Older people and Gaeilgeoirí are right to be indignant – this Cabinet doesn't care about them
Peter Kavanagh
Opinion: Would you know if an older relative, friend or neighbour was being abused?
Eamon Timmins
Opinion: How we deal with illness and ageing is painfully outdated
Robert Grant
Column: Let's change the language we use about older age
Professor Thomas Scharf
Three-year-old finds out she's going to be four... and is totally devastated
'Not enough nursing home beds to meet demand and it's only going to get worse'
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Michael Hodin
New EU-funded device detects when a pensioner has a bad fall