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# Silvio Berlusconi

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The Daily Fix: Saturday
Italian court throws out bribery case against Berlusconi
Verdict expected in Berlusconi corruption trial
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Video: 2011 - the year in gaffes
2011: The year of resignations
Italian parliament passes vote of confidence in Monti's government
Monti calls vote of confidence on latest €33bn cuts package
George Clooney and Cristiano Ronaldo on witness list for Berlusconi trial
Berlusconi blames foreign media for downfall ahead of trials
Berlusconi threatens to scupper confidence vote in new government
Monti announces Italian cabinet - and will be his own finance minister
Italy offloads €3bn in bonds after appointment of ‘Super Mario’ Monti
Italy's PM-in-waiting promises quick government formation for stability
The Top 7 Silvio moments
Tick tock... All eyes on the euro when markets open on Monday
Italy prepares for Mario as Silvio steps down
The Daily Fix: Saturday
Italy’s economic package passes, paving way for Berlusconi resignation
Berlusconi set to resign as Italian parliament mulls €60bn austerity plan
Italian Senate approves €60bn austerity, as clock ticks on Berlusconi tenure
Mario Monti favourite to become Italy's next prime minister
Daily Fix: Thursday
Markets fall as worries over eurozone lead to talk of 'radical overhaul'
Italian bonds hit 7.4 per cent as Europe enters crisis mode
Lagarde warns of 'lost decade' unless European crisis is fixed
Berlusconi to go but what now for Italy?
Berlusconi vows to step down as Italy's Prime Minister
Berlusconi wins crucial Italian budget vote - but loses grip on power
Berlusconi facing crucial vote as fears grow over Italy
The Daily Fix: Thursday
Eurozone crisis forces Berlusconi to put love song album on hold
EU leaders approve banking bailout plan, while Greek talks continue
Euro crisis: Hopes fade for comprehensive deal at crucial talks
Italian government - and Eurozone - on the brink over debt deal