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10 problems only constantly tired people will understand

Oh to be sprightly.

YOU’RE PERFECTLY HEALTHY but you’re constantly day-dreaming of being in bed, actually dreaming. What’s with that?

You’ll identify with these everyday moments.

1. Getting out of bed is the hardest part of your day, even if you sleep for eight hours

You’re sure that forcing someone to get out of a warm bed at 6am could be used as a legitimate form of torture.

The longer you sleep, the sleepier you are. So unfair.


2. You don’t feel right until you imbibe a bucket of coffee

If you can’t obtain said coffee, you’ll think about it all morning until you do. Goodbye productivity.


3. Early morning or late evening meetings are hell

Sorry, you actually expect us to contribute here? No.


4. You’re constantly withholding yawns

No you’re NOT boring us, we swear. Also, we’re not crying, it was a yawn.

Seriously. All yawns


5. You always have to resist the urge to take a nap in the evening

But then you give in. It doesn’t matter though, as you’ll still manage to sleep come night time.

MnkR6HE Source: Imgur

6. You’re constantly grazing to give yourself energy but get so full that you need a nap

Attempting to convince your mam that you’re getting enough sleep and Iron is a never-ending battle.


7. Nobody cares, despite your constant complaints

You have a massive vocabulary for being tired. You mention how you’re wrecked, banjaxed, shattered, jaded at least twice a day. But there’s no sympathy, yours is a lone struggle.

You just don’t get how others are so energetic. They’re obviously doing something wrong.

adulthood Source: Poorlydrawnlines

8. You’ve been known to fall asleep in the strangest of places

Oh, a football smashed through my window last night, scattering glass all over my room? Didn’t notice.

od9Hw Source: Imgur

9. An ideal evening for you is just chilling with a boxset

You’re too tired to do anything else, but you fall asleep and miss most of it.


10. Your bed is probably your favourite place in the world

Life experiences? Meh. Give us the sweet, enveloping comfort of our bed any day.


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