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# I need a nap
13 tweets you'll really relate to if you're tired all the time
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QUIZ: Are You A Morning Person?
Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful – AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH
# Love
This guy shared a photo of his girlfriend sleeping for the sweetest reason
This is sweet.
# bleedin' wrecked
11 essential inventions for people who are constantly wrecked
Read this before you fall asleep.
# zzzzz
This dog loves mornings just about as much as you do
It always comes too soon.
# jaded
10 problems only constantly tired people will understand
Oh to be sprightly.
# night night
This snoozing Bulldog has had a rougher Monday than you
So cute, you could excuse the snoring.
# pasta pillow
Nothing will stop this sleepy kid from taking a nap in his dinner
You have never been this tired. Ever.
# Holliers
These are some seriously fancy (and ridiculously pricey) London hotels
Here are the twenty most expensive in the city.
# Snooze
5 YouTube videos that will send you right to sleep
Better than counting sheep.
# move over
This pile of sleepy terriers are you because you're just done
Leave. Let us nap now.
# can't get no sleep
8 household noises that are conspiring to prevent your good night's sleep
Beep. Beep. BEEEEP.
# sleepy bear
Baby panda refuses to go to bed, cute explosion ensues
Reminds us of you right now.
# moonies
PICS: 2,500 couples marry, take selfies and nap at South Korean mass wedding
Around 2,500 couples, some of whom had met just days before, took part in the ceremony.
# all tuckered out
Fox News presenter falls asleep on air
He blames his busy schedule.
# Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze
Little girl falls asleep on wheely case after a long flight
Don’t care, taking a nap.
# Zzzzzz
The guide to staying awake in boring situations
Life is boring sometimes guys, that’s just a fact.
# land of nod
Is this the worst aeroplane seatmate of all time?
Falling asleep with her head in her neighbour’s crotch. Awkward.
# sleepy snoozey snooze
Which of these bad night's sleep sound familiar to you?
From the early riser’s fear to the nighttime jerks, sleep has many enemies.
# zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
13 animals who really need their beds
These guys know just how you feel.
# you snooze you lose
11 places where you really really shouldn’t fall asleep
The Sandman’ll get you where you least expect it.
# sleep vs food
4 babies fighting epic battles against sleep while eating
There can be only one winner.
# sleepy
Pakistan to Paris passenger sleeps through stop - and flies back to Pakistan
An inquiry has been launched into how cabin crew failed to notice the woman on board during the plane’s stopover.
# Interview
All eggs, one basket: Lemaitre may skip Olympic 100m
The European Champion over the short distance may choose to focus his efforts solely on the 200m.
# science of sleep
What's the best way to wake up in the morning?
A sleep expert explains exactly how to make sure you are waking up healthily (cuddly toy not included)… are you doing it the wrong way?