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14 times Snapchat perfectly summed up your life

Nailed it.

THOSE MESSAGES ON Snapchat can nail a situation better than mere words can express in real life.

And there’s a long history of them being right on the money:

1. Like when it makes everything better

duckface Source: imgur

2. And when shop signs are inspirational

checkout Source: Pinterest

3. Or when you enter Starbucks with trepidation as an Irish person

cark Source: Facebook

4. When the internet comes to life

emojiguy Source: Imgur

5. When you just don’t get what everyone else is on about

worldcup Source: Tumblr

6. That one day when you should never have left the gaff

nevermind Source: Imgur

7. When you lie to yourself on a daily basis

slices Source: Imgur

8. When you start seeing famous people everywhere you go

edsheeran2 Source: Tumblr

9. When you wake up to this

happened Source: team jimmy joe

10. When advertising just doesn’t appeal to you

advertising Source: popweb

11. That time you’ve felt like this dog

doggie Source: Imgur

12. When childhood photos reveal more about you than you would ever know


13. When studying starts changing your daily habits

11170366_10155464403410471_3533673671560293161_n Source: UCCSU

14. And finally… when even the mannequins are getting into things more than you


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