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16 reasons why snow is the absolute worst

As if you needed telling.

SNOW IS THE absolute worst. There’s no doubt about it.

Here’s why:

1. You just want to stay in bed:

Flickr/Salim Virji

2. But instead, you have to dress up like this:


3. And your journey to work is like this:


4. With maybe a little bit of this:


5. Did you meet any kids on the way? Oh, so you can look forward to a bit of this:


6. So you end up looking like this:

Flickr/Christmas w/a K

7. And arrive into the office like this:


8. Also, your feet will feel like this:


For the entire day.

9. Don't check your Twitter. It's full of people tweeting things like this:

10. And worst of all, people like this:

11. In fact, misfortune is everywhere. Turn on the TV news. It's full of things like this:


12. And, of course, this:


13. And the reporters are all doing things like this:


14. Just be glad you're not a firefighter:


15. And resign yourself to it - really, the only thing to do is to take joy from other people's pain.
Try these for size:


16. And just wait for the time when you can go home and pretend weather doesn't exist:

Fireside photo from Shutterstock

Good luck with all that! Snow is the worst.

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