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11 social media sins we’ve all committed when drunk
Put down the phone.

1. Accidentally liking something that you should absolutely not have been looking at

tumblr_m7j87c1vnh1rpglhvo1_400 Tumblr Tumblr

There is no reason why you should have been looking at that photo from summer 2011 at 3am. One slip of the finger and a dreaded notification will be arrowing its way to some distant friend’s phone.

2. Firing out an ill-advised hot take on Twitter at 1.30am


Probably about the state of the dancefloor/food you just experienced.

3. Cruising through really old photos of your ex

spongebob-scrolling Wordpress Wordpress

Wary not to hit anything that will let them know you have been there.

4. And then suddenly finding yourself back at the first ever photo you ever uploaded on Facebook Ymaservices Ymaservices


5. Meeting someone you want to shift on the night out, and immediately adding/following them at 3am

pooh-thinking Gorgeousingrey Gorgeousingrey


6. Sending somebody what you think is a smooth message


But then waking up the next morning to find a misspelled mess of a thing.

7. Uploading photos from the night out you were just on, before you’ve had time to filter/edit/make it presentable

Miss Meath - Solar (9) IanMurphy IanMurphy

“Great craic guys!!”


8. Having an absolute creep around somebody’s page that you’re not friends with

giphy Giphy Giphy

You don’t know who they are, but you DO know where they went on holiday in 2013 based on their numerous profile pics.

9. And then accidentally sliding over the “add friend” button

QwDGgnH Imgur Imgur

You take it back but DID THEY GET AN EMAIL ABOUT IT? Or a notification? Is there any EVIDENCE?

10. You realise you have scrolled so far back on their Instagram feed that anything you touch now could be mortifying

11. Going on a liking spree that makes you come across like an unstoppable nightcrawler of social media

emma-stone-nodding Sheknows Sheknows

“YES, I like all your statuses/photos/things. I thought I was being positive and slightly subtle, but it turns out that this had the opposite effect.”

You, the next morning in bed, wanting to delete the internet forever:

homer Homerbackingintothings Homerbackingintothings

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