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David Jackmanson via Flickr The iPad's on-screen keyboard is considered relatively easy to type with - but can you type the alphabet in 5 seconds or less?
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Son of Georgia's president sets world record for iPad typing speed
Yes, that IS a real headline. Eduard Saakashvilli can type the alphabet quicker than you or anyone else on Earth.

THE 15-YEAR-OLD SON of the President of Georgia has set a world record – for the speed at which he can type on the iPad.

Eduard Saakashvilli, the son of president Mikhail Saakashvilli, broke the record earlier this week when he was supervised by a Guinness World Records representative in typing the alphabet, from A to Z, in 5.26 seconds.

The previous record, Cnet reported, was 6.31 seconds set by British teenager Charlie McDonnell just over a year ago.

Fox News added that the teen had spent months preparing for his assault on the record.

“I am very happy,” Eduard said in comments broadcast by Georgian national TV afterward. His mother Sandra added: “Our whole family has been very nervous.”

AFP noted that Eduard’s 5-year-old brother Nikoloz has also hit headlines this year – in march, he and his father appeared dressed in military garb in an unusual publicity exercise for the national armed forces.

Typing on the iPad is generally a little more cumbersome than it is on a computer keyboard, given the tablet’s touch-screen interface. Cnet said the similar record for a ‘regular’ keyboard was a mere 3.52 seconds, set by India’s Sudhakar Raju in February.

If you fancy flexing your own finger muscles, you can try and measure your own speed in typing the alphabet here.

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